Should You Buy Nomex Gloves

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The material that the gloves are made of, the Nomex, has become a standard in many law enforcement and public safety agencies because of its special properties. The material is fire resistant of up to 700 degrees Celsius and it will not sustain a flame.
The Nomex Gloves offer the greatest dexterity and comfort among all heavy duty gloves. They are designed for the ultimate hand protection against thermal and chemical threats.

The fact that even military pilots and aircrew wear flight suits made of over 92 percent Nomex should say a lot about this wondrous material. Also, they are a common piece of racing and firefighting equipment. Race car drivers also wear driving suits made of nomex and other fire retardant materials in the event of a fire.
The Nomex material is truly the best choice for anyone having to do with extreme temperatures and fire. Besides all the incredible features that the Nomex Gloves have, they are also designed to feel comfortable when worn, unlike those other asbestos gloves that cause discomfort and irritation. So if you work at a company where you have to handle hazardous chemicals, toxins or excessive heat then the Nomex Gloves are just what you have been looking for. It is also advised to get fully clothed in Nomex if your job requires you to be exposed to hazardous envinroments.

Most of the Nomex Gloves have an extra cuff length that covers most of your forearm. This very good glove design will keep you from getting burned on more than one occasion.

Nomex gloves are usually made for people working in waste management jobs, transportation as well as construction and can protect your hands from toxic spills, waste or other hazardous materials. You also have a wide range to choose from, depending on the requirements of your job.

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